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对爱情期待又失望的个性签名伤感 爱的深的人先低头

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爱一个人有多苦 只有自己最清楚

- 涐不怕下地狱 涐怕的是地狱有涐没沵.



一个人越喜欢你 他给你发的消息就越傻逼

我没去过太多远方 不敢妄言带你去流浪








你是否爱过 你爱他多过他爱你的人 你是否爱过 他有种真命天子般的人


I just don‘t like you anymore 我只是不再那么喜欢你



want to rely on and you are not.(我想依赖而你却都不在 )



在爱情里没有谁对谁错,只有谁不珍惜谁. 曾经的恋人,转眼就变成最熟悉的陌人.










You are the one,in particular,I care,I treasure.——最在乎的人,最重视的人,最特别的人,最珍惜的人,都是你。















We are the icebergs in numerous love story only one horn, who can care about the love with parting others again.

I wish to become the Hello that you like most, with your most difficult Goodbye.

Every my movement does not have sound, have the irrefutable evidence that loves you however.

7 kinds of condition of QQ are love 7 paces music. Know first - sweet - bored - be bored with - wearily - escape - adieu...

It is the clearest to love a person to have much suffering has him only

- what is not afraid that of jail of go to the fields is afraid of is Tartarean does not have .

Zuo of regret of ε of 〣 good D, the ﹄ that predict issues of of regret of ī of ň of seed Ting , of of ī of ň of Ting of ε of D of Zuo of Zuo of of Ji of E я . 

The where in feeling comes so much to the fault, the deep person of love lowers his head first, so simple.

A person likes you more the message that he sends to you is more foolish force

I did not have been to too much distance not dare absurd character takes you to roam about

Life puts in life "s charge, jealous puts in jealous "s charge, but never had wanted to want to leave opposite party, this ability is love.

〃 ╰ > without love, also do not have happiness.

Love, love, it is pained only

I love you, I hope you are happy, what I like you is bilious your overbearing.

Love what to always be surrounded by you, my love is what you give, go changing forever happiness with lifetime.

You can be encountered other woman and she lifts case Qi Mei and I can have the man by and me oneself white hand photograph is carried

I am not reluctant to leave the float that is like Xue Rehua to be born, I am reluctant to leave you only.

You had loved the person that whether you love to cross you to love him to cross him to love you more he has kind of person like true life the emperor

Let me partake for you, keep you to me.

I Just Don " I just like T Like You Anymore so no longer you

What what I fear is, calculate me to exert all one"s strength main, run all the time with the rapiddest rate, run all the time, also cannot arrive over there your there.

I am loving you greatly, hope you can love you so greatly like me.

Want To Rely On And You Are Not. (I want to depend on and you are absent however)

The love of first time, from beginning to end cannot mention lightly.

Happy thing is not to a lot of people love you, however the person that you love also loves you.

To who wrong without who in love, who doesn"t cherish only. Once lover, turn the most familiar road into the person in an instant.

Church ding, precipitated happy all air, rising and falling get about.

My man as expected not general, every fete can let what I touch weep.

Love can let a person become stupid, but I do not mind become a bit stupidder.

My eyes is afraid that you do not bear the weight of, you are completely in Yu Guang so.

Love by your respecting without a single redeeming feature

Loved you very much yesterday, did not love today, will read old woman state of mind tomorrow.

Disposition very stubborn, mouth is very strong, do not say to if giving what softness, come. But, loving you is true.

Want to accompany your boil snow to cook tea, white a skyline, a myriad twinkling lights of a city, the month falls put in the home "s charge.

Expect a love that ages slowly together with you, have to call the marriage because of love.

You Are The One, in Particular, I Care, I Treasure. -- most the person that care, the person that takes seriously most, the most special person, the person that cherishs most, it is you.

Actually, safe feeling of the person is not to originate love, favore however, the person decides he is that exception only, ability sets his mind at.

Want to hold you in the arms very much, lying between a sodden screen, of grievance should die.

Although I know outcome, but I still am a very devoted person, even if I say the word today again absolutely, will awake tomorrow I or meeting like you.

All one"s life very short, if do not take care to encounter wrong person, must learn stop where it should stop.

No longer foolish will measure feeling to the length that uses time, you are good to me, I return doubly. You are cool to me, I also indifferently.

Insist to like a person to resemble arrowroot actor paralysis, other people feels comical, only alone oneself feel very comfortable.

Do not love so much, love little only; Others eyebrow comes the eye goes, I peek only you are one.

If you are willing an one layer ground pares my heart, you can have sugarcoated haws on a stick inside discovery, biscuit, strawberry candy, chocolate, potato piece, toffee, still have you.

Love is done not have so complex, think only and your ogle, dally with each other, sing bit of popular music, interpret bit of low common content.

Want to the individual is opposite forever really I am prejudicial ah, erred prejudicial also I, stretch toward me forever greatly hug, I am worn with respect to run-up scamper about is plunged into go in.

You just are not what nobody, you are here, it is all weather and mood.

Had not seen what great world, I love this all one"s life only you are worn a piece of face.

The person that endeavored to love, after departure more magnanimous instead.



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